RWE – Technology Enablers and Data Strategy

As part of the digitalization process within Pharmaceuticals, one of the key aspects is to understand what use can one make of the data and how to handle them.
With the latest frameworks released by the main regulatory bodies (FDA, EMA,…) focusing on Real World Data (RWD) as evidence generators within the Clinical trials and product development, we are going to run over the main data strategies and key concepts to implement technology and big data to resolve some practical issues.
There are multiple initiatives and companies in the market space working on RWD. We are going to review some use cases to understand how IT and technology can enable a better decision making, e.g. how to improve patient recruitment, how to integrate better healthcare data in clinical trials, how to integrate digital technologies in the patient interaction, etc. In other words, digital might change the marketing optics, from a product to a customer/patient centric view.
Technology is playing a key role and it is important to create the necessary synergies between our business and the IT experts. We are going to show how to include the Information Systems properly in the equation.

About the speaker
Jordi Gago García

Jordi Gago currently serves as Global Senior Principal Business Analyst at Boehringer Ingelheim, based in Sant Cugat (Barcelona).
He previously served as Lean Manager in Eurofins (Food lab) and as Business Analytics Manager at Beam Suntory (Spirits).
His main purpose is the scoping projects for human pharma and animal health divisions, where we can deploy technologies into business processes to improve efficiency and reduce non-value added activities allowing to focus more on the data analysis and decision making. In the same way, evolve new processes to get a better data and understanding of the market impact of our products.
Passionate about sports and sailor when I have some time and the weather allows me to.

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